Our addiction therapy – unique, individual and with lasting success

At the Dr. Albrecht Health Academy we attach great value to a pleasant and homely atmosphere. All the people who seek help from us are not seen as “anonymous patients”, because we take ample time to systematically address their individual circumstances. Our constant focus is on valuing every participant and their life’s achievements. Our unique addiction therapy is based on a holistic concept that is individually prepared in the context of each person’s past, present and future.

Our addiction therapy as a holistic concept

Components and modules of our addiction therapy

Learning, practising and retaining vital findings and successes after your addiction therapy

People can only lead a balanced and happy life when all three areas of their being are in harmony with one another and free from symptoms of deficiency.
Our experience at the Dr. Albrecht Health Academy over many years has taught us that treating just one of these subareas on its own or in isolation does not achieve stabilisation, or only does so for a very short time. With the illness that has brought you to us, you are in a life crisis. As far as possible, a crisis requires comprehensive, expert and experienced treatment of all the aspects that have caused it to be triggered. It is usually the case that having knowledge, taking medication as the only treatment for an addiction, or even being given warnings and threats does not lead to any improvement, and in most cases these even result in the situation deteriorating. There are also feelings of guilt and shame, social exclusion and stigmatisation, as well as problems at work, with partners or with family members. Simply giving up alcohol, drugs or other harmful, addictive substances or habits often only lasts for a short time, because this does not address or treat the actual causes. These approaches only treat the symptom, and not the illness itself.
At our Health Academy we will care for you and treat you holistically, individually for your own specific problems and needs, and as intensively as possible.
In most cases the psyche comes under severe attack, as both the cause and the consequence of the addictive behaviour. This not only calls for intensive research into the causes and an appraisal of the psychological wounds, but also a form of “reprogramming” needs to be undertaken. Harmful patterns of behaving and thinking have to be broken, changed or “overwritten”. But on its own this is not enough.

How often in recent weeks have you read a book or gone to a concert? Your mental activities are probably greatly restricted by your life crisis, or might even have been lost altogether. How are things with your spirituality or belief? Do you believe in (a) God or a higher being, or do you feel abandoned and alone in a vacuum? Are you still able to be happy? About your partnership, children, grandchildren, job etc? Do you still enjoy the things you used to do with passion?
We have to work together intensively and comprehensively here, to reawaken your “animal spirits” and teach you to feel joy and happiness again. It will happen. And it is an essential basic factor for your recovery and stability.

Exercise and sporting activity are also an essential part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The objective of our gentle exercise therapy, which is individually tailored to your level of fitness, is not just to strengthen you muscles, bones and joints. It will also strengthen your immune system, prevent cardiovascular disease, and you will have one of the best stress management and relaxation techniques to hand. Our experienced and broadly trained sports therapists will gently and carefully reintroduce you to exercise and sporting activity. Our aim is for you to have fun and enjoyment, and you will be under no pressure to perform. You yourself will determine the duration and intensity.

Overview of the major components of addiction therapy

Crisis management

A dependency disorder is always a life crisis. And generally it is not something that the persons affected and the people around them can overcome on their own. With our experienced coaches/advisers you will quickly and effectively discover the roots of your dependency or addiction by means of numerous individual consultations, seminars and intensive self-reflection. We will take you by the hand and lead you through this far from simple task during your addiction therapy. Mental traumas in our participants’ previous history cannot always be resolved, but they can usually be categorised, concluded or re-evaluated, which is crucial for your recovery.

Medical care

While you are here with us, you will be cared for daily by trained physicians specialising in addiction therapy, who will speak to you on an equal footing. As well as a detailed admission consultation and an assessment of your internal medical status, we will also undertake a laboratory blood analysis, an ECG to check your heart function, and an ultrasound diagnosis of your abdominal organs and major blood vessels. Supplementary tests will be based on your individual needs and requirements. Our doctors are here for you, can be consulted at any time and will individually compile your addiction therapy.

NES Gerät, Gesundheitsakademie Dr. Albrecht

Neuro-electric stimulation (NES)

As a supporting measure for your gentle withdrawal, at the beginning of the addiction therapy we work with neuro-electric stimulation (NES). The small electrodes, which are not noticeable, are worn on the earlobes for the first few days of the addiction therapy and checked regularly. This method is very successful when treating addictive disorders, burnout and depression. Neuro-electric stimulation is a form of electric acupuncture, in which the emission of messenger substances or neurotransmitters in the brain is stimulated or suppressed by means of a slight current flow. Similarly to psychotropic drugs – but without side effects – NES acts on the nerve cells, and influences the production of neurotransmitters and the activity of the receptors.

Individual consultations

The important individual sessions with our experienced specialists at the Dr. Albrecht Health Academy are the central component of your holistic addiction therapy, and are firmly integrated into the course of the day. We take plenty of time for you and your individual situation. Together we will develop viable solutions for your future success in life.

Mental training

Mental training is a psychological technique for directly influencing our unconscious mind. Dependency disorders mainly take place in the subconscious. which we cannot consciously control. With mental training we have developed a method in our addiction therapy that can influence this unconscious world of thoughts simply and efficiently.


During the addiction therapy at the Dr. Albrecht Health Academy, seminars serve to convey knowledge for your future life, but they also serve to introduce self-study. You will need to put in intensive work to compile your own entirely personal previous history, your inclinations, longings and wishes, and find solutions to your entirely individual problems. In our seminars we will show you how to do this.

Physical training

Mens sana in corpore sano, a healthy mind can only live in a healthy body. During your addiction therapy with us you will learn to appreciate your body again. We will gently introduce you to physical activities, and in this way we will help you generate lasting interest in life and vigour.

Relationships and social surroundings

A successful stabilisation and a happy life can only be achieved in a functioning and well-balanced social environment. In our addiction therapy we will assist you in stabilising and clearing out the tensions and discords in your social surroundings that have developed during your illness. Depending on your current living situation, this might be your partner, children, siblings, friends, acquaintances and your professional environment. By expanding your social skills in combination with communication training you will experience your social surroundings in a new way, and be able to structure them positively.

Finding a sense of purpose

Finding a sense of purpose and developing new vital energy and confidence are also central elements for a lasting abstinence from addictive substances. As people, our reward system wants to be activated. Positive experiences, mindfulness, noticing the beauty of nature, the environment and other people will help you in this. We will show you ways in which you can have these simple but fundamental experiences again. As well as this, you will also experience yourself in new ways in unaccustomed situations, and thus acquire deeper insights into your personality.

Stability training

Every tree needs a strong root system to survive storms and absorb water and nutrients. The same is true of people too. Without stable roots in life we cannot flourish and bloom. We gain security from planning our days and weeks, from our attitudes and principles, and also from a regulated rhythm with sufficient rest and sleep phases. During our addiction therapy you will learn the right balance between obligations and relaxation, between making efforts and rewarding yourself.
A new mindset can be acquired through training. Our coaches will show you proven and successful strategies and techniques for this.