The alcohol withdrawal process


Alcohol withdrawal with intensive alcohol therapy – the process and duration

Intensive alcohol therapy generally lasts for 3 weeks and comprises 3 modules, each with a particular focus.

  • Arrival at our Health Academy
  • Reflecting on the past / analysing the causes of the addiction
  • Initial medical diagnosis and specialist consultations
  • Physical detoxification (the actual “alcohol withdrawal”)
  • Start of physical regeneration
  • Seminars
  • Catharsis
Ablauf Alkoholtherapie erste Woche: Vergangenheitsbewältigung

First week at the Dr. Albrecht Health Academy: Coming to terms with the past

The basis of dependency disorders and other psychological complaints generally lies in negative, sometimes traumatic experiences, events or circumstances in the past and present. These can include circumstances that began with childhood experiences right through to events in the recent past and in the present. The causes can be so varied and extensive that an entirely individual pattern has to be researched, identified and addressed for every individual person affected. These so-called dysfunctional thoughts very often take place in our unconscious, and can only penetrate our consciousness by means of intensive conversations and work on ourselves.
A state of deficiency develops in the spirit that can only be endured for a limited time. Our brain’s reward system demands that this deficiency be removed; this then leads to substance abuse and/or harmful behaviour patterns, which initially or apparently end this state of deficiency, limit it or at least make it tolerable. So the reward system is satisfied for the time being. But we learn and internalise the idea that without these harmful substances and tactics we can apparently no longer function or be happy. Recognising and dealing with these causative spiritual states of deficiency is the first and absolutely essential step for overcoming your life crisis. Permanent stabilisation is impossible unless you process these experiences of deficiency, which is why we also devote ample space and time to this phase.
At the Dr. Albrecht Health Academy this takes place exclusively by means of individual work, in other words in individual consultations with one of our coaches, and by means of writing therapy during your private time. In contrast to most other providers, our group sessions serve almost exclusively for conveying knowledge and for your general preparation for the individual conversation sessions. The participants decide on this in consultation with the responsible therapists.

At the end of this preparation and processing phase the so-called catharsis takes place, the symbolic and ceremonial burning and thus destruction of the negative spiritual experiences, events and thoughts. This symbolic, but extremely liberating, act offers the basis for the transition to phase two.

  • Personality training
  • Mental reorientation
  • Continuation of physical regeneration
  • Start of physical rehabilitation training
  • Counselling and coaching
  • Developing your potential
Zweite Woche in der GA Albrecht: Gegewartsanalyse

Second week at the Dr. Albrecht Health Academy: Analysis of the present

We all live in the here and now, in the moment.

Together with you we will explore your resources, aspirations, wishes, objectives, and your options and ideas in terms of your partnership, job and private life. You will learn to discover and unfold your unique, inimitable and beautiful personality, and view it with new eyes.

Perception and mindfulness exercises will reveal to you the personality you have and the characteristics and strengths you possess.

The goal of our intensive work together as equals is to develop your potential. In this phase you will also learn opportunities and techniques for maintaining and consolidating the stability of your well-being and abstinence.

  • Action plan
  • Stabilisation and resilience training
  • Fitness training
  • Self and time management
  • Life planning for new vitality, vigour and zest for life
  • Aftercare plan
  • Concluding consultation
  • Leave-taking
Dritte Woche in der GA Albrecht: Zukunftsplanung

Third week at the Dr. Albrecht Health Academy: Planning for the future

The end of your stay with us is approaching. Precise and above all balanced planning provides the best preparation for your return to your everyday life, your partner or your family, friends, acquaintances or to your job. This comprises a daily and weekly plan which takes account of your commitments, but in particular also your leisure and self-rewarding behaviour. The broad scientific makeup of our team enables us to advise you professionally and with much experience in almost every area of life. We will also be happy to assist you with organisational, bureaucratic, legal and medical problems. You will leave the Dr. Albrecht Health Academy filled with enthusiasm, passion and love for your new life.