Alcohol withdrawal with intensive therapy, unique and successful

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Alcohol withdrawal and treatment for alcohol addiction at our accredited centre

At the Dr. Albrecht Health Academy we provide treatment for addiction to alcohol, prescription medication and drugs: with our successful and personalised addiction therapy you will safely achieve the first step out of dependency.

Our team have over 20 years’ experience in the field of addiction therapy and alcohol withdrawal with accompanying illnesses such as depression, anxiety and burnout. We are one of the first establishments in Germany to have developed and implemented an intensive therapy for alcohol withdrawal. Since then, we have continuously developed our treatment methods and applications, and combined them with modern procedures. For example, for some time we have been able to achieve excellent successes in alcohol withdrawal by means of neuro-electric stimulation (NES). You will benefit from the extensive experience of our multiprofessional team in implementing our intensive alcohol therapy, taking particular account of your individual personality and your situation in life.

Make use of the decisive benefit offered by our small and private establishment, and find your path to contented abstinence and a happy life!


Your benefits

  • Only 4 participants

  • Absolute discretion, treating you with respect and as an equal
  • Holistic addiction therapy (body, mind and psyche)
  • Individual treatment and therapy

  • Resilience training
  • Includes life planning and everyday coping strategies
  • 3-month aftercare plan
  • Over 20 years’ experience in alcohol withdrawal
  • Emergency help and acute admission possible
  • Certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001

Are you interested?

Request more detailed documentation now without obligation, or make an appointment for an advisory consultation.

You can contact us directly by phone on

+49 (0)8563 977801

You can be sure of our absolute discretion!

Start your path towards leading a happy and contented life right now

Self-motivation for giving up alcohol is the first crucial step towards getting out of the vicious circle of alcohol dependency!

Over the last 20 years, our intensive addiction therapy (in particular for alcohol withdrawal) has helped thousands of participants to successfully overcome their life crises. Accompanying diseases such as depression, anxiety and burnout occur very frequently in this context, and naturally we treat these alongside. We will support you in planning and implementing your new, individual journey through life, and help you to successfully put your newly adapted behaviours into practice so you can permanently lead a happy and meaningful life.

Healthy and happy – our intensive alcohol therapy will be the start of your new life!